Bodycandy that makes you go woah


Geschreven door Jill Shaw

Sometimes all you need is some bodycandy to complete an outfit. My current obsession is the jewellery from Karolin Studio.

Those days where I can’t seem to find any inspiration to create a very complicated artsy outfit, or that night you have to shine br*ght like a diamond and that one piece has to do it all or those vacations you only wear bikini’s and cool hats plus simple sexy shades.. Well… all you need is some good badycandy baby

Karolin Studio

This talented lady has it all. About her pieces and me: it was love at first sight. As I spend a lot of time near the beach these pieces are just the perfect fit for me. They are made out of natural materials such as: agate, geode, black druzy agate & uvarovite stone. This bodycandy is one with nature and that’s exactly how I like it.

Every lady loves a little sparkle, and hell yeah I can say these are some sparkly diamonds! All you ladies go take a look at her amazing store. They are a must have for every single one of you.

They are boho, they are glamorous, they are sexy and they are beachy.

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