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Oh ow, my favourite time of the year, #summer, is almost over. That’s a pity, because I’m in love with wearing cute little dresses and everything that is Summer-ish

My dressing room is an absolute chaos and a big mess after my crazy-ass Summer. Now the sun starts going down earlier, I suddenly realise it’s time to prepare myself for Fall/Winter. Move over bikinis and playsuits, sunglasses and sandals, because winter is right around the corner. It’s a moment of readjust but isn’t it thrilling to see all those new Fall & Winter pieces shining in all those fresh shopping windows. 

It makes me very exciting 'cause as much as I adore an Indian Summer, I’m also very much in love with Winter shopping! Old stuff out, new stuff in. Yep I've got some serious love for fashion going on here. Oops, so, know I would like to introduce you to one of my wishlisted Winter 2016/17 collections.

Blogger Jill Shaw
Foto © Jill Shaw
Blogger Jill Shaw
Foto © Jill Shaw


A little artsy, very classy, out of the box but still timeless, that’s how I would describe this Fall/Winter collection and this Belgian brand. I ordered an oversized jeans coat, filled with fake fur, a big glitter skirt, some sparkling soks and a pair of beautiful heels. I mean, could Winter look any better in this kind of outfit? And did I stop myself right there? Nope, I kept on spoiling myself just a little more. So what if I would ask them: “what is Bellerose about?” This is what they would answer.

Blogger Jill Shaw
Foto © Jill Shaw


"What is Bellerose? For one thing, we’re lifestyle creators. From papery cotton to supple suede, knee length pleated skirts, knitted sweaters in mohair or cashmere, oversized checkered jackets, customized denim, workwear pieces with unexpected details, geometrically deconstructed coats and accessories in line with seasonal thematics."


"Because we like keeping control and doing things ourselves – from creating our own fabrics to the architecture of our stores – nearly everything we do is done internally."


"The keyword for every item in our 3 collections. A gar- ment can be elegant, sophisticated, vintage or even avant garde but above all it has to be comfortable and wearable, every day of the week."


"We focus heavily on experience. Our store teams create a warm and welcoming atmosphere,we have a unique way of visual merchandising and our window campaigns come close to street side theater decors."


"When it comes to the quality of our fabrics and the ge- neral design of our collections,we always try to surprise with our in-house expertise and constant innovation."


"We simply love details. There’s a true culture of details

in the whole company, starting with our designers all the way to the opening of new stores. The same goes for our digital publications, with crazy amounts of time spent on (re)working (on) newsletters or the installation of a new window theme. We are convinced that details alone make a huge difference and should never be neglected."


"We try not to take ourselves too seriously, which help us to keep an open mind and to listen to what goes on in the world around us."


"Mixing and matching feminine and masculine, oversized and ultra slim, dressy sportswear or color combos that are out of the box We live it, we love it and it simply is our trademark."


"Because whether you start working here or you simply walk through the doors of one of our stores to discover the brand: It’s too late to turn back really, you’re already part of our extended family. And that is is the way the brand’s been from the start."


Blogger Jill Shaw
Foto © Jill Shaw

Cool stuff to know right? So, aren’t you curious to lake a look inside the store now? Click here

Oh and there’s even more: Go check out “the journal” on their website. It’s super cool, you’ll be surprised!


Full look by Bellerose.

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