Back to basics


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We're starting to get to know each other so I guess I can start with the main course. One layer of foundation is MORE than enough. No but seriously, I know it might sound cliché but there is a reason why this sentence is popular: less is more.

Talking about make-up, if you really want to use (and abuse) it, opt for a simple white shirt. Where do I get it? In the men's section.
On the contrary, the sexier you dress, the less make-up you should wear. 

Back to basics
Foto © Kris de smedt

Am I starting to sound like a make-up artist ? Well make up is a huge part of styling, but let's get back to clothes.
Trends are only there to inspire - don't fall in the trap. Don't be afraid to modify your items, be your own stylist! Roll up your T-shirt sleeves and sew them quickly, it's very easy. Customize your old denim jacket, some friends of mine just launched their website where they sell patches, you should check it out! Be creative!

Back to basics.
Foto © Imaxtree


You like fashion, but feel more on the casual side? Invest in a few good black and white shirts and t shirt - with different sleeve lengths. But don't be afraid to step it up a notch with a louder jacket for example! Be sharp with a twist!

Back to basics
Foto © Belmodo
Back to basics
Foto © Le Vif Weekend

Cultivate your difference, embrace your flaws, that might be what people love the most about you. And be yourself. Who follows tips anyways?


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