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Geschreven door Tiany Kiriloff

You may or may not know, but over the past few years I have been giving my carbon footprint quite some thought …

I have drastically reduced my meat consumption, our CO2 emission during flights is continuously compensated via the so-called CO2logic programme, I have banned the plastic bag from my shopping sprees and every recyclable item is recycled properly … including clothes or textile, which I hand over to H&M as they have this garment-collecting programme which reduces, reuses and recycles fabrics.

We try to pass on this environmental awareness to our kids; they for instance join us twice a year during the beach cleanups. This way we try to make them conscious about the waste humankind produces and that unfortunately ends up in our oceans.

Sadly, too many of us don’t learn how to respect nature and don’t understand that trash does not belong on the streets or on the beaches.

H&M Conscious wedding dress
Foto © Dirk Alexander
H&M Conscious wedding dress
Foto © Dirk Alexander

I don’t have any intentions of becoming a right-from-wrong environmentalist warrior, but I’m just trying to make a change one step at a time. Obviously making a difference starts by changing your own acts and I’m hereby hoping that many of you will follow.

Via fashion H&M has found a way to create even more awareness when it comes to sustainability and that’s why I’ve made it a yearly commitment to promote their Conscious Exclusive collections, which by the way happen to be mind-boggling pretty.

Once more I teamed up with Dirk Alexander and Sharon De Winter to shoot this fabulous lace & jacquard wedding dress at the beautiful shop of St. Vincents in Antwerp, another must visit spot that promotes an overall conscious way of life, slow fashion and slow coffee included. 

H&M Conscious wedding dress
Foto © Dirk Alexander


  • H&M Conscious wedding dress

Off-white wedding dress with a high collar made out of lace and jacquard fabric. The jacquard fabric is made of organic silk and viscose, while lace is organic cotton and nylon.

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