A moment with Paul Smith


Geschreven door Tiany Kiriloff

Sir Paul Smith once told me how his business started from this very primal “gut feeling”.

There was no extended business plan or board of advisors, nor heaps of shareholders to respond to… just his gut feelings and his passion for life and fashion.

I’ve always remembered these wise words when taking decisions in my professional life and to be perfectly honest it has brought me a long way. Listening to your inner self and following your instincts really happens to be the key to success and a happy life. Living proof of this life’s philosophy is the ever so charismatic Sir Paul Smith himself, whom I got to meet once more during his press day in Paris in his mind-boggling beautiful building at the Rue des Archives. 

A very rare given in the wonderful world of fashion as you never really get to meet a designer in such a laid-back situation. There’s always a publicist around or you are only allowed to do group interviews in a limited amount of time. But luckily Sir Paul Smith is the type of guy that enjoys doing things in a different way. And that’s when he tells me that up to date you can still find him selling his own collections in his Albemarle shop in London on Saturdays, just to stay in touch and meet his audience… respect for that!   

Paul Smith's showroom
Foto © Dirk Alexander

Paul is a magnetic field of energy attracting good vibes only and people hang onto every word he says as he tells his inspirational stories. He talks about his collection, the venue for his fall/winter 2016 show and the meters of yellow carpets that he installed to have the venue look perfect. He laughs, takes selfies with his models and journalists and en passant grabs pieces of his collection to show me the detailing that went into it.

It was once more a great pleasure to have talked to such a radiant and energetic personality and as usual totally inspiring. In the meantime my personal wish list has become a tad bit longer and I can’t wait to get my hands on the rainbow coloured plissé skirt and cropped jacket with faux-fur collar. 

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