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The Kirilove Bling Thing

DOOR Tiany OP 23.12.2014

I’m a total magpie - how many times have I already said that? Proof of my total bling addiction culminates in this one pair of jeans (which at once is a total work-out, because of its weight… talking about multi-tasking!)

This totally awesome pair of jeans is from the hand of Philipp Plein. Yes, that same guy that was formerly a lawyer, who then became a furniture maker to discover he actually enjoyed making accessories and clothes and who now owns a gigantic fortune.

This same man caught my total attention with these entirely beaded and studded jeans, an eye catcher on its own for sure!

Studded jeans are momentarily a hit and this exemplar perfectly illustrates my philosophy of less is a bore. Once you mentally cross that bridge you become addicted to bling overload.

However to avoid looking like a Christmas tree one should just add something simple like a white T-shirt or a jeans shirt. Go ahead try it out and thank me for the liberating magpie feeling afterwards.


- Philipp Plein jeans

- Diesel jeans shirt

- Asherali Knopfer pearl earring

HAZE sunnies

- Pedro Garcia shoes

Photography by Brandon Mercer.

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