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#week29: 3rd trimester monster in me

Door Tiany op 20.06.2015

Sorry it’s has been a while but I’ve been dealing with this major flu and a bit too much of a running around for a preggers woman. Not the ideal combination and thus the reason for my belated post.

I’ve officially entered the danger zone called the third trimester; I can already feel as it transforms me into a mindless chocolate gobbling little monster, that waggles around like a penguin and puffs like an antique steam train.

My expanding reflection in the mirror has become reality and I expect itchy legs, a slightly irritated crotch because of the baby ninja–punches to the inside of my vagina and truckloads of visits to the loo… soon more on that!

I also seem to underestimate gaps, as I mostly still think I can still fit through, but in fact end up getting stuck. Quite annoying and just one of the many pregnant girl problems I’m currently facing… Did I also mention that I have become ridiculously clumsy? I manage to continuously drop everything; I’ve fallen on the ground twice and this week my car tire exploded because I maneuvered it against the curb! TRUE STORY!


I’m currently in the phase of having mayor outfit crisis situations every morning, as I’m not entirely your average pregnant top model that looks great with a miniature bump. I’ve gained the full 13 kg and there’s still about 11 weeks to go… However I’m delighted and totally excited to meet the munchkin that is growing in my belly, even after all the internal thrashing this baby dear has inflicted on me.

We still continue with our wish to not know the gender, our friends have collectively decided it’s a baby boy and of course I’m wishing the same, also for my hubby dear who wouldn’t mind to have some more testosterone around.

Here’s a pic of mini-me number 3, what do you think? Boy or Girl?

In the meantime, I would like to strongly advise investing in kimono’s, not only because they look great when combined with pretty little dresses or skinny jeans and because they are in fact what I call the perfect festival attire… but also because they are the answer to making your maternity style look fashionable. I bumped into this Gestuz one on their online shop and I’ve been wearing it on repeat.

Just a tad bit of advise this week for the mommy’s out there; try to stay fit, it will help you the moment you have to give birth. Do your daily sideways squats or try some prenatal pilates. I found the perfect workout on YouTube, check out the prenatal pilates sessions by Lizbeth Garcia and try to reinforce that core as you’ll be needing it very soon.

By the way, I’m totally looking forward to the baby shower next week. And to hearing all your lovely stories on experiencing the magical act of creating human life within your belly. 


-H&M dress

-Gestuz kimono

-Louis Vuitton boots

-Moschino earrings

Photograhpy by Dirk Alexander

Many thanks to Gaston - Ghent 

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