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BabyMoon: Part II

Door Tiany op 08.06.2015

In a previous post I already told you why scheduling “you and your honey time" is such a necessity. Consider it as something you have to do on a yearly base and as a good investment in your relationship.

My hubby and I got invited on a beautiful trip to Mauritius to experience the amazing surroundings of Club Med L’Albion and enjoyed it of course to the fullest.

Besides the 1001 activities and commodities that Club Med has to offer you should also know that Mauritius is an exceptional island with many things to see and truckloads of places to visit.

Even though our visit was short (as we stayed 5 days), we managed to have some amazing touristic time off and sailed away to the idyllic Ile aux Cerfs.

We had a blast on our catamaran and some beautiful moments of pure bliss that will remain forever engraved on our minds.



Other things to do

*Wake up early and have a swim with the dolphins on the southwest side of the island.
These trips often include a BBQ lunch at Benitiers Island. We did this in 2014 and I can assure you that it is amazing to see flocks of dolphins swim around you!

*Mauritius is an island of many treasures with truckloads of lovely flora & fauna and despite the fact that a lot of things are commercially exploited you can still find some fine excursions that will help you discover the beautiful scenery’s of the island.

There’s the Valley of 23 Colors where you’ll find beautiful waterfalls, rivers and the famous colored earths, there’s the various tea factories, the beautiful National Botanical Gardens nearby Port Louis, the Tortoise Park in Rodrigues and so many more things to do on this little island.

*Blue Bay is the snorkeling and glass bottom boat place to be! The waters are crystal clear and provide you with hours of marine life amusement.

I can’t be anymore grateful for this unique opportunity! Thanks so much dear Club Med and Air Mauritius for nursing my wanderlust!

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