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#week26: all whacked up!

Door Tiany op 01.06.2015

I’m guessing the tummy inhabitant got annoyed when my flight to Madrid was cancelled past Wednesday due to a severe technical malfunction that impeded flights from landing and taking-off from Brussels Airport. It was insane!

And clearly perturbed the munchkin, as ever since I’ve been punched around from the inside out! Only pregnant women will understand what I’m going through but I can assure you that your worst hung-over is peanuts in comparison to the “gut whacking” that is caused by crazy belly kids.

It  kind of turns you into mashed potatoes by the end of the day and has you feeling cranky and walking like a duck … but once more we will survive, like a gazillion of other #preggonistas out there! 

On the sleeping side; I’m still ok, but I can feel the struggle with this additional part to my body sneaking around as the third trimester is about to kick in, so it won’t take long before yours truly also starts complaining about a belly impeding my sleep.

This reminds me of the fact that I bought myself a fabulous pair of sandals that I soon will not be able to wear, I was obviously not thinking! Case in point is that these amazing sandals have to be strapped twice to your ankles and that this easy task will soon be impossible due to a belly bulging out somewhere in between.

On that count, there's another pregnant woman issue has to be revealed; as shaving my legs and private parts will soon also be a hazardous job … that my dears, is the reality I’m dealing with as a pregnant Kirilove! Too much information you think? Hell no, it’s just one of the many pregnant girl problems that should be discussed, no?

This week I’ve been pretty much living in my Citizens of Humanity maternity jeans but I also tried doing stripes! Eureka!

For some reason, horizontal stripes seem to look ok when pregnant; it’s something I’d never wear in “normal body” life, but do consider as really ok when dressing the bump.

This particular stripy exemplar I bought online via Isabella Oliver, whom by the way has the coolest leather maternity pants and skirts ever! I from my side keep on layering, as I’m not totally confident about my growing booty and somehow feel as if I should cover it up a bit …

I most certainly have some lessons to learn from La Kim Kardashian and perhaps I should listen more often to the wise “booty words” of Nicky Minaj, but for the time being, I confide in this long perforated leather overcoat by the lovely Danish brand Gestuz, which stocks a wide range of ultra cool fashion for girls that adore stylish and affordable looks.  


- Isabella Oliver striped dress

- Gestuz leather coat

Crystalline Jewellery earrings

- Ancient Greek Sandals bought at Smets

Thanks to Gaston - Gent for letting us shoot these pics at their amazing venue

Photography by Dirk Alexander

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