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BabyMoon: Part I

Door Tiany op 30.05.2015

There are things a woman has to do every once in a while and one of them is press the ESCAPE button.

Reality is that we’re kind of stuck in a mad rat race and that time flies while you’re at it! Before you know it; you find yourself being married for 7 years to the man of your dreams and happily expecting your third kid.

While at it you’ve worked your butt off, travelled half of the world for your job, you’ve dealt with sick kids, broken arms & nose, truckloads of dinner parties, birthdays, you’ve spent hours making food, eating, going to the gym, doing pilates, driving your kids around to parties and their weekly hockey/tennis activiaties … in other words: you’ve been leading a life.

My hubby and I introduced “You & I” time about 3 years ago and decided to take short breaks just the 2 of us to reboot, do nothing and just enjoy each others company.

As a family we often go on amazing trips with our kids, we've flown with them to the other side of the world and they've really had the opportunity to see laods of great things!

But every once in a while you deserve to just take-off without kids. It really isn't about being selfish; it’s just about bringing balance into everything you do and also about giving the relationship you have with your husband the chance to grow.

This particular escape -before having baby number 3- was also a bit special and we named it the BabyMoon. Lucky as I am, I got invited by Club Med to discover one of their fabulous villages at a destination of our choice … and that’s when we decided to go back to Mauritius, as it’s one beautiful tropical little piece of heaven.

I know it’s an 11-hour flight, but from Paris it’s a direct connection with Air Mauritius and a night flight, which has you waking up in paradise. There's also no struggle with jetlags as Mauritius is only a mere 2 hours of difference in time.

Lucky us again, as the kind folks of Air Mauritius decided to give us an upgrade when they heard about our BabyMoon celebration and the fact that we had already flown with them about a year ago. Happy us indeed!

The experience was amazing and you should’ve seen us! We were like little kids in a candy shop! Happy as a hippo with our glass of champagne, our little exclusive meal served to perfection, the never ending leg space and the fact that you can actually unfold your chair into a bed! Ahh pure bliss!

Travelling Business is something exceptional (that’s why saving air miles is a must!) and I’m so glad to have shared this experience with hubby dear.


Upon arrival we were welcomed by the Club Med team at the airport and transferred to Club Med La Plantation d’Albion on the west side of the island of Mauritius.

It's truly a beautiful tropical haven and so idyllic as the scenery is mind-boggling pretty. Our room was like a little villa facing the peaceful Indian Sea, waking up was just magical as you could see the reflection of the sun shining on the crystal blue water in between these beautiful trees.



La Plantation d’Albion is like a little jungle, with two mighty cool infinity pools. A space where you can relax and be at ease and another space where the notorious Club Med GO’s (gentil organisateur) entertain you. There are truckloads of things to do, but we decided to take it easy and enjoy the food, the sun, a bit of sports and the Cinq Mondes Spa (which is really heavenly) and of cours enjoy each others company.



5 reasons to ESCAPE or have a kid-free break:

*You get to catch up on sleep, which means re-booting, something everybody needs every once in a while.

*You finally get the chance to have uninterrupted conversations with hubby dear.

*You get to be a real couple again. Including great laughs and fun moments and of course the being intimate part! All of this without having to talk kids agenda’s, without chaotic meals and without having to always have an eye on what your kids are up to.

*It’s the best way to nurture your relationship and prevent the so-called gap of happening in between you and your spouse. For many couples the gap ended up in a separation, so beware!

*It helps you build up a stronger marriage, which will have you feeling happier and this will reflect on your kids but also on your job and your daily life.

If this fashion carreer of mine comes to an end I seem to have a bright future as a marital psychologist wink no?

Many Thanks to Club Med for having invited us on this magnificent trip and to Air Mauritius for making my flight such a delight while pregnant!

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