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#25Weeks: starved or stuffed

Door Tiany op 24.05.2015

No major complaints or discomforts I haven’t mentioned before have manifested themselves this week apart from my growing lower backaches, which can be a pain in the butt. Oh and how could I forget the cramps that have been attacking me while sleeping.

Truly horrible pains spasms that are a result of my growing uterus and have me waking up in pure agony … I kid you not, this pain is even bigger than pushing a baby out of your vajay-jay!

And I had totally forgotten about its existence during my previous pregnancies ... luckily totally resolvable with a dose of  magnesium supplements ... so in the end all is good in Kirilove preggers land!

Furthermore I must painfully admit that I’m still a bit on the “gassy” side (thanks baby dear for continuously squashing my digestive tract), which is kind of annoying & embarassing when you have to hop on an 11-hour flight to Mauritius. 

I’m also continuously either very hungry or very bloated, digestion is slowing down as we speak and mini-me 3 is taking over my stomach. This combo often has me feeling like an over-stuffed potato and I do believe it has me looking like a moaning little sloth, very attractive indeed!



According to The Bump, my baby is now as big as a cauliflower, it may sound a bit horrifying, but it actually comes in handy when you have to make things visual to your kids, whom by the way joined us this week during our visit to the gynecologist.

That was quite a lovely experience and the munchkins repeatedly tried to retrieve the gender, without any results of course.

This week was an exceptional great week as I spent part of it on the lovely Island of Mauritius in the great company of hubby dear. My long expected “Babymoon” flew by and now I find myself reminiscing the amazing quality time I spent with the man of my life.

I’ll be discussing my wonderful stay at Club Med La Plantation d’Albion very soon and I’ll be giving you at least 5 reasons to plan a yearly escape with your beloved partner.

Clothing-wise I seem to currently be on a monochromatic trip and yes! I'm happy as hippo that you can now also do some online shopping via H&M as they have a wide selection of maternity wear basics like jeans, pants and all these little tops that make an ideal combo with your fancy fashion blouses, like this lovely fringed By Malene Birger top.

I ended up buying a pair of white maternity jeans as I’m convinced they will help me look fresh & stylish during the summer months to come. I’m also totally smitten by my leather espadrilles by Miista, a brand that I bumped into via Instagram.

Miista is all about a cool & edgy selection of original and very affordable shoes and these babies will be just perfect for the soon to be very pregnant Kirilove.


- By Malene Birger fringed top

- H&M maternity jeans

- Miista ankle espadrilles

- Cartier L'Amulette

- Cross by Kimy Gringoire (

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