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#24Weeks on giving up my dressing

Door Tiany op 16.05.2015

My dear colleague Sophie just reminded me of the fact that I still have 16 weeks to go! Many thanks Soof for the reality check and for reminding me once more that women are in fact 10 months pregnant (40 weeks) and not the so-called 9 months! Pregnancy is actually a rough estimation and for some reason your doc starts counting from the first day of your last period (a cycle of 28 days) and that's how you end up being pregnant for far too long… and because this matter is getting too mathematical for me, I suggest we move on to another subject.

To be honest, I’m just totally impatient and eager to meet our mini me number 3 and know whether it’s a baby boy or girl. The current situation is that we have 2 names we adore and still no clue of what’s growing in my tummy. This is of course our own decision, as we're totally into surprises. We also have a slight idea of what we would like to have as a birth card, but further than that, my dearest hubby and I seem totally clueless. Our daughters find this pretty disturbing, I guess.

In the meantime, my former dressing has been evacuated and the room that used to stock all my clothes is now ready to be filled with a miniature bed & closet and truckloads of cute decoration elements. I’m not entirely sure of which way to go and hubby dear isn’t really helping when it comes to making nursery room decisions, as according to him I should do whatever makes me happy.

Luckily I now live in a Pinterest era, which means that inspiration is just a mouse click away. I also have to choose something that is neutral and will do well with either a girl or a boy. I’ve always had this thing with vintage and that’s pretty much how I bumped into this vintage inspired wardrobe, bed and commode by Belgian brand Théophile & Patachou, we call it an idea. I’m also totally in love with these crochet lamps, but have no idea at all of where to find them, so if any of you out there can help me out please feel free to do so or if you happen to be a crochet wonder, please get in touch with me as I might need your help on this one.

On the vestimentary side I’m still squeezing my growing body into regular dresses that tend to be a slight bit oversized. I keep on layering with long vests and my décolleté nowadays has evolved to a V-neck as in my opinion it’s the best way to deal with a growing set of boobies (I always dreamt of bigger ones and now I just don’t know how to deal with them!). I’ve also turned to comfy flats and maxi dresses, thanks heavens that the weather is getting better and that these options are actually possible now!


-By Malene Birger white dress
-ACNE black overcoat
-Isabel Marant sandals

Hair & makeup by Kim Theylaert for Bumble & Bumble en Guerlain

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