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#23 weeks: on drooling & babymoons

Door Tiany op 09.05.2015

Week 23 made me go bodycon and stripes... there's no more hiding The Bump smile

WEARING: Pinko top & skirt

A new feature to pregnant Kirilove has manifested itself this week: I’ve started drooling! I totally forgot about this minor pregnancy discomfort caused by raving hormones, which have your body producing an excessive amount of saliva, for whatever reason that may be?!

This pretty much results in me waking up on a nasty wet patch of saliva and an occasional drool dangling from the corner of my lip… oh yeah! SEXY times indeed!

Mini me number 3 still thinks of my womb as if it were its acrobatic field of action. Perhaps this time around I AM nurturing a baby boy, as baby number 3 seems to be a slight bit more active than what my girls used to be. I can’t quite describe the feeling but try imagining a grapefruit bouncing off your uterus into your rib cage and back on to your bladder.

Combine this with an occasional vagina kick from your beloved unborn baby as it still has the space to resposition and move around and you might understand why my inner guts gets totally upset and I end up feeling like a frog that's about to explode.

I’m counting the days now, as next week I’ll be Baby Moon bound, meaning that I’ve found a great excuse to abduct my husband to some tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

So the idea of a Baby Moon is yet another genius commercial invention of our American friends. The concept has become serious business in the US with resorts and hotels offering the most idyllic & mind-boggling getaways for soon to be parents, special pregnant women treats included.

I can understand that it all might sound very exaggerated, but to tell you the truth … it’s something every 'expecting couple' MUST do as things after birth will NEVER be the same again!

Trust me: you WILL be deprived of hours of sleep which will have you feeling dead tired and looking like some truck ran over you, please forget looking immaculate like Kate Middleton did just hours after giving birth!

The combination of the factors mentioned above are both really bad for your libido and terrible for hubby dear who at a certain point will start to wonder what happened to the sexy creature he once fell in love with.

Besides that, there’s also Mother Nature & those incredible motherly instincts, which will have you loving your kid more than anything else in the world. All of a sudden this little creature will become the center point of your universe and all of a sudden your hubby dear will find himself receiving only breadcrumbs of your love.

So yeah, many things are about to change! So if you have the chance, please try to escape and try to celebrate your love for each other. I assure you it will do you good and it will strengthen the bond with your partner. 

Because being crazy never hurt nobody...


- Citizens of Humanity maternity skinny jeans

- Marcel de Bruxelles top

- Nanushka blue dress worn as an overcoat

Kirilove by Lolo Yelena sandals

Photography by Dirk Alexander

Hair & make-up by Kim Theylaert

Many thanks to Le Jardin Bohemien in Gent

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