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#22Weeks dressing the bump

Door Tiany op 04.05.2015

My colleague Michael noticed it earlier this week: I have officially become a heavy breather (another virtue of being pregnant!) and according to him I’ll probably end up dealing with swollen feet again.

Can I press the escape button on this one pretty please? As little elephant paws are to be categorized under “extremely annoying” and pretty much repellent. Thanks heavens after all for huge bulging bellies as these avoid the sight of your suffering swollen feet …  

So there it is; my transformation into a little whale has commenced and there’s no turning back … so while at it, I’d better enjoy it!

I indulge into more chocolate than the Kirilove norm allows, I eat ice cream as if my life depended on it and I’ve started drinking soft drinks because it’s a nice variation to water and tea and pretty much as exciting as my drinking habits are lately …

I admit that I can’t wait to be able to sip from a tasty gin & tonic again, THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT, I guess.


Obviously I have this sweet tooth I’m trying to deal with, not an easy task, but I’m seriously trying to compensate this with truckloads of fresh homemade & healthy food.

Think quinoa pancakes covered with asparagus, red onions, dill and goat cheese or spelt blini’s with fennel and pecorino cheese. I bake my own granola with heaps of nuts, raisins and dried berries and I devour liters of soup on a weekly base.


When it comes to the sporty Kirilove, I have to tell you that I miss my running habits, but my gynecologist advised me to put my jogging sessions on hold. I nowadays have turned to swimming and I continue to pursue my pilates routines.

I hereby also have a confession to make, as I have this habit of "mini exercising" on a daily base. I squat 30 times a day, do dumbbell exercises in between my lotion smearing routines. I stretch every day before stepping into my shower and 3 times a week I end my shower with freezing cold water.

Reading this kind of freaks me out as I seem to be quite obsessed, but truth is that after 35 the elasticity of your skin reduces dramatically and Newton’s law of gravity starts affecting you. Add a pregnancy to this and you pretty much start getting the picture … damn you Newton!

Clothing habits haven’t changed in a week; I’m still trying to squeeze myself into my existing wardrobe. Except for my jeans, as those have become the elastic waist type from brands as Fragile and Citizens of Humanity (a very necessary splurge). 

This time around, I decided to give the famous Wolford Barcelona Dress a go as I believe that at 22 weeks the time has come to flaunt some belly.  I'm however  still on heels as long as I can and I'm still digging the use of layers as it makes me feel the most at ease. 


-Wolford dress

-H&M jacket

-Wouters & Hendrix necklace

-Aperlai sandals

Photography by Dirk Alexander

Hair and Make-up by Sharon De Winter


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