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Door Tiany op 26.04.2015

This week started great as I had an appointment with baby dear during my monthly check-up at the gynecologist. Baby is doing so far so good and apparently it enjoys being active as it keeps on bouncing around in my womb.

For those of you wondering about the gender, I can only say that I’m as curious as you are… but hubby dear and I have always enjoyed a good surprise, so we've decided not to ask once more. We never knew the gender of Yelena & Eloise until birth and we decided a third surprise would be just as good! I have absolutely no hunch of what baby dear could be, there are no remarkable differences with my other pregnancies and as always I crave truckloads of chocolate, but then again that’s no rarity in the life of this Kirilove.

I told my gynecologists about the aching muscles around my tummy and she just advised me to slow down and rest a bit more. Wrong answer, as I’m neither the resting type nor the type that likes to take things slow. In addition to that I’ve started the biggest spring cleanup of my life, which involves me sorting out every single closet in this house and getting rid of truckloads of things I didn’t even know I owned.



I also have to create SPACE for baby dear, as the spare room we have, was transformed into my dressing a couple of years ago… This room is currently clothes mayhem because I decided to cut in half my entire wardrobe; I’ve been trying to deal with it over the past 3 weeks and it seems to be the clothing version of the never ending story…it’s driving me crazy and I’ll probably end up throwing everything out windows, so if you’re around, pop by, it might become your lucky day!


I slather on like 4 different types of lotions and potions all over my body for the sole purpose of avoiding stretch marks. The plus point of that, is silky soft skin… enjoy it as after birth you’ll nearly have the time to even take a shower.  


Otherwise than having this mayor coco milk latte addiction and not being able to longer breath through my nose at night (which causes some snoring situations) everything else seems to be very fine. I’m in my so-called 2nd trimester: energetic, I’ve gotten rid of the nauseas, I’m totally happy and tremendously aroused by hubby dear… there I said it! Pregnant women in their 2nd trimester are sexual ticking bombs; it’s the hormones flushing through our bodies and yes hubby dears… you’re allowed to touch.

When it comes to dressing the bump, week 21 is still all about conceiling the growing belly. I know how gigantic it will get and how much too long I’ll have to deal with the appearance of a little hippo, so I’d rather work my camouflage techniques for now and just wear the oversized garments in my closet. Don’t worry there’s still like 18 weeks of pregnant Kirilove to go and you’ll soon be seeing me in mega full bloom.


- COS jeans dress
- COS blue overcoat
- Miu Miu boots

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