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Door Tiany op 18.04.2015

Mini me number 3 has become really visible now and I can feel it humping around in my tummy. I missed that feeling, it’s so magical and it is pretty much the only part of being pregnant I adore.

Right now, it’s like little fluffy clouds in your belly, a little pounding that hits the inner you every once in a while. It’s an awesome feeling of another little life within you! Call it nature making this little bit so amazing that you just forgot the other little horrors that are not even mentioned when pregnant.

Think: excessive toilet visits, body itching, bad sleeping, odd dreams, cramps, abdomen pain, raging hormones and this annoying flatulency that has you wondering if baby dear is throwing a party in your guts.

Don’t get me wrong; I adore babies and the feeling of them growing big inside my belly, but after two kids the romance of being pregnant is pretty much gone and I also have to admit that I’m terrified of what having a little bun in the oven will do to my body at the age of 36.

During my previous pregnancies I gained over 20 kilogrammes twice! I kid you not, at a certain point I even refused to step on the doc’s scales, as I was already way over the point of no return.

I’m 20 weeks pregnant now and according to The Bump app, my baby is as big as a banana, my kids laugh at that thought, but it helps them visualize what’s going on in my belly.

I’m still very much attracted to flowy dresses that will kind of hide the belly, as it still has the appearance of being a tummy full of fries and milkshakes and still a bit on the blubbery side … so attractive!

Instead of figure hugging maxi dresses I still go flowy and layer it up a bit and yes as long as I can, I will still wear high heels for the sake of at least looking a little bit taller … I call it redistributing proportions.


- Baum und Pferdgarten striped dress

- Baum und Pferdgarten blue vest

- Dries Van Noten booties

- Wouters & Hendrix cuff bracelet

Hair & Make-up by Sharon De Winter

Photography by Dirk Alexander

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