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My MUST HAVE Conscious Exclusive outfit!

Door Tiany op 15.04.2015

Conscious Exclusive by H&M is about to hit stores and as I’ve already informed you about my love for this sustainable collection in a previous outfit post, I decided it to share my all time favorite outfit of the 2015 collection.

Just in case your budget is very limited and in case you have solemnly sworn yourself to only buy things you wear more than once … then I hereby strongly advice the most fabulous looking smoking ever!

I’ve already worn this pretty version of a sexy female smoking more than once and am constantly complimented with the looks of it. It’s chic, effortless, a total classic and something you’ll be able to wear as separates. I can already picture the blazer with a pair of flared jeans or on some cute little flirty dress.

The trousers are a match made in heaven with both a crisp white T-shirt or a silky blouse and totally in style when worn with sneakers or with a classy pair of stiletto’s.

I love the slitted sleeves to the blazer, which make it that tad bit more unique and high-end designer looking. The trousers have what I call the perfect fit and have you looking instantly elegant.

It’s the type of attire that will save you from any mayor outfit crisis ... The black smoking is like the little black dress but edgier and thanks to Yves Saint Laurent an absolute wardrobe staple!

And in case you just need one more argument; it's ecologically correct … which makes planet loving fashionista’s like yours truly totally happy!


- Conscious Exclusive trousers, blazer and white sleeveless top

- Joshua Sanders loafers

Photography by Bram Labens

Hair and Make-up by Nanja Massy

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