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Door Tiany op 06.04.2015

Breaking news: my belly finally decided to pop! As we speak, I’m 19 weeks and counting and until recently the little munchkin in me was quite invisible … But here it is and from now on I’ll be amusing you with some maternity looks the Kirilove way.

It’s been 6 years since mini-me Eloise and fashion has not only changed but also my personal style has evolved over the years.

I strongly believe you can manage some cool looks with what fashion has to offer in your local mainstream shop, but I do advise a basic investment in a wardrobe that includes some real maternity wear as the comfort of fabrics and the fits of maternity wear are unbeatable and a simple bare necessity.

Belgium’s maternity brand Fragile has been catering to pregnant girls for quite a while and they’ve always been part of my wardrobe. After returning from Paris Fashion Week I decided it was time to indulge in some new gear as my size 38 had become a bit uncomfortable by the end of the day. I ended buying a pair of flared jeans, some skinny black jeans, this mint green combo and this multi-combinable kimono jacket, items that I will be wearing on repeat.

This mint green combo will do just great paired both with heels and sneakers, which makes it the perfect daywear to nightwear attire. It’s also the type of garment you’ll want to wear once the tummy starts getting big, as figure hugging just ends up looking better. Trust me, there will be a certain point that floaty dresses will make you feel & look like a tent.

If you happen to be the type that ends up looking big all over (like me during my 2nd pregnancy), then it’s better to layer up and to emphasize on length: your first layer should be body-skimming and then something drapey can be added. Hurray I chant for this kimono jacket, which will cosy-up truckloads of my outfits to come.


- Fragile  mint jumpsuit + kimono jacket

-Les Soeurs "MAMA" earring

-Céline D'Aoust Northern Light necklace

-Aperlai white sandals

Photography by Dirk Alexander

Hair & Make-up by Sharon De Winter via Touch

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