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When in Berlin: meet your friends!

Door Tiany op 03.02.2015

It’s been a while indeed, but after my sun-kissed holidays in Costa Rica I ended up in a state of hibernation. Perhaps I’ve been in denial ever since and not wanting to give in to the fact the layers of clothes are still required to survive little Belgium. That plus the fact that I’ve had no photographer friend in the near surroundings to capture my wardrobe antics, well at least not during moments that I actually felt photographable.

Anyhow, to cut the story short, I was invited to Berlin to attend the Dorothee Schumacher show – more about that soon – and it turned out that I actually had some spare time to meet up with friends. One of those encounters was with Søren, one of the few street style photographers who has been around from the very beginning and really one of the kindest individuals I’ve ever met.

Besides being the founder of he also launched, an amazing site that bundles truckloads of hotspots in cool cities in the case you only have a mere 12 hours to spend in it… meaning that it really cumulates the best and most inspiring places.

Søren was kind enough to make some snaps of me, which eventually ended on the street style page of (oh yeah!) and which I now would like to share with you as this pretty much has been the uniform I’ve been wearing lately: flats, long skirts and the best investment of my life… my beloved Velocite Acne coat. And yes, it cost me a leg and three fingers, but if you divide it by the times I’ve already worn it (cost/wear), then it already has been worth every euro!


-Marni print skirt

-ACNE coat

-Stella McCartney clutch

-Joseph bonnet

-Weber Hodel Feder shoes

MANY THANKS TO SOREN from the Locals and 12 hrs for being so kind to make pictures of this outfit while in Berlin.

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