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Orient Express

Door Tiany op 26.12.2014

I’m obsessed with all things KIMONO or Asian inspired, always have and always will be. Who knows where that fascination came from… perhaps I was some kind of Geisha in some other past life.

I possess this quite extended collection of kimonos and despite the fact that I never ever actually wear them, I can’t get rid of them either. I still believe that some day I will find the perfect way to combine them and to not get tangled in the impossible long sleeves that Kimonos tend to have. In the meantime they continue to inhabit my wardrobe and they’ve probably become a proper feast for my enemies the moths; as these pretty looking kimonos are vintage and manufactured out of the finest of silks.

Falling in love with this Asian infused two-piece was pretty much a piece of cake. Not only the shape, but also the mixture of blue/greenish hues caught my eyes from the very beginning I bumped into it, which was at the SS press presentation of H&M… People call it love at 1st sight; I believe it’s obsessive, compulsive Kirilove behavior… aka an indefinite love for all garments Asian inspired.


-H&M Studio top and pants

-Rabeanco little white bag

-Be by Magali Pinchasi necklace

-Flatforms: I can't seem to remember

Photography by Mats Van Eccelpoel.

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