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Lost ‘n Found

Door Tiany op 19.12.2014

Every blogger is entitled to a “Lost n’ Found” post, which in my case pretty much means that it was always on my mind, but that a lack of time delayed the entire process of posting.

As you may or may not know, I totally make it my point to always wear something designed by 1 of our many Belgian talents… I’ve been doing this for ages and plan to continue with this mission of promoting my beloved #TeamBelgium.

So here it is - half a year later - one of my favorite outfits worn during this years’ Fall-Winter edition of Paris Fashion Week. Totally a favorite because of the Veronique Leroy leather perforated jacket, which would also do great paired with some jeans. I however decided to go for winter whites, which according to me are a must to add a dash of freshness to the gloomy winter days. Anyways Veronique Leroy is what I call a mastermind when it comes to the mutation of fabrics and textures, as she’s a wizard in creating new hybrids that continue to mesmerize the fashion world. In addition to that she also masters the art of adding the right quantity of masculinity or call it contradiction to her creations, which results in seductive outfits with a brainy twist.

Veronique creates the type of “body con” that a girl like me loves, not too obvious as in bursting out of your dress type, but elegantly accentuating the right spots… vavavoom to that!

Check her collections via and keep me posted on your thoughts.


-LN ANDES vest worn backwards

-Uniqlo turtle neck

-Vintage white skirt

-Veronique Leroy perforated long coat

-Wolford tights

-Delvaux canvas mini Brillant bag

-Prada boots

-Linda Farrow glasses

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