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Door Tiany op 17.12.2014

Every now and then a girl is entitled to an awesome once in a lifetime experience in some breathtaking beautiful country.  I’m talking about yours truly and the magnificent trip I made to South Africa, the country I someday hope will become my home! Indeed, needless to say it, but just in case you’re in doubt: I’m head over heels about Cape Town and its near surroundings.

I still thank the heavens that Belgian plant based brand Alpro chose me to join them along during their South African #Alpronista trip. I came back home with some fond memories, I made great new encounters and my love & respect for the brand have reached infinite depths.

The entire purpose of this international gathering was just to have fun and to enjoy the delicious Alpro delights. I’m now for example addicted to Coco Iced Latte’s and I’m pretty much sure that I could live for days on the Alpro Peach plant based alternative to yogurt -yup that’s how you’re supposed to refer to it. Add a dash of granola to that and some fruit and you get a delicious breakfast… Am I making you drool already? Well, I sure am drooling all over the place as I write this down…


Truth is that I actually am one of Alpro’s biggest fans; I have been one for quite a while. I gave up on dairy about 6 years ago, so I am familiar with most of their goodies but I wasn’t aware of the fact that you can also create some delicious cocktails, desserts and meals with all things plant based. So besides cooking workshops and multiple delicious food coma’s, we had an amazing 4 days including a choppy but fun surfing session, a horse back riding odyssey, an empowering hour of yoga, a relieving massage, some dune boarding and endless hours of beautiful sights.


To cut the story short, it was an amazing experience and I hereby would love to thank the Alpro peeps for these adventures and the opportunity they gave me to join in. 

PS: Dear Alpro, just in case… I’ve already blocked my agenda for the 1st week of December 2015. An #alpronista trip to Brazil will be just great, so count me in wink

Check out the Alpro site and IG account for some great inspiration. 

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