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Modern Woman Troubles

Door Tiany op 12.12.2014

Some of you believe I'm some kind of hybrid of Wonder Woman, Elastigirl and Sarah Connor, some of you think I have been cloned or that an identical Kirilove twin takes over every once in a while. Hell yeah I’ve even heard you say that Kirilove days have 48 hours... now wouldn't that be wonderful?!

Truth is... I’m just a regular woman, wife and mommy of two that loves her job, morally torn apart in between her passion for fashion & travel and the absence it implies from my beloved family. I too drown in the abyss that is modern womankind and despite looking like an ultra organized person, I often in fact succumb to the never-ending to-do lists. 

Let me make this a bit more visual and perhaps familiar to you… My home tends to look like war zone every now and then, my car is junkyard mayhem and my dressing room has been classified under hazardous… you enter it and totally risk of dying underneath the piles of fashion.

Hubby dear is often not amused as I tend to be your worst teenage nightmare –morning tantrums included, with the difference that I have kids and am actually 36!

At that same age of 36, I feel as if I’ve totally lost my mojo, wake up at 6:30 feeling ok but looking like some bulldozer ran over me and spend my weekends wishing I could live in my Eskimo PJ’s and UGG slippers... very sexy indeed!

I gobble truckloads of probiotics on a daily base hoping it will turn out to be the secret to an extended youthful life. I’m obsessed with “planking” a minute every day just for the sake of my precious abs and I follow @gymexercises on instagram as they share tips on how to get rid of flabby arms, I obsessively try these out for a few days and eventually forget all about them.

Plus point to this Kirilove existence is that LUCK is mostly on my side and that helpless situations somehow tend to still turn out ok to more than exciting and great! I’m also blessed with the fact that I require little sleep to function properly -on exception of my eary morning grumpiness- and that I can whirl down to dreamland practically everywhere and in whatever position –even on a bumpy 14 hour economy class flight.

But in the end dear ladies, despite of what you all see and tend to believe, I am just a human being after all, made out of flesh and blood, struggling merrily through daily life and hoping that I will someday be remembered as “a great wife, heartwarming mother and dedicated co-founder of Belmodo”. I do however enjoy what I'm striving for and tend to confront everything that crosses my path with a positive attitude and my eternal mantra "AVOID BAD ENERGY".

I guess that in the end being just HAPPY makes my womanly existence that tad bit more amazing and interesting. And respect to all you girls out there as I strongly believe that being a woman is already an amazing challenge on it's


-COS trousers

-Baum und Pferdgarten gilet and belt

-Wouters & Hendrix bracelet

-Pomellato rings

-Salvatore Ferragamo bag

-Linda Farrow sunnies

-UGG Australia sneakers


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