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Bosom Confessions

Door Tiany op 10.12.2014

For years I struggled with the fact that I’m pretty much flat - Table Mountain flat - if you understand what I mean. Only twice in my life have I been able to enjoy the glee of having what you call a cleavage! And it’s confession time as I must admit that at a certain point I considered visiting a plastic surgeon as I strongly believed that a bit more would balance my body better, in my head Latino hips still do not match a Kate Moss bosom … but whatever and luckily this obsession has abandoned my thoughts and nowadays I feel ok with what the heavens gave me.

This joy hits me the most when I hit the road in jogging gear or when I’m fortunate enough to wear mind-boggling pretty dresses with cleavages that reach the umbilical zone.

Pics by Jessie Bush - We the people Style

One would address these type of floor-length dresses to festive evening gatherings, but as I strongly believe you should make the most out of your wardrobe, I decided to turn this Sportmax dress into day-wear by adding a dash a playful lace, a good dose of guts and some strappy flats for a sense of non-chalance.

Want to make your bold after dusk wear even more casual? Add a jumper and make it look like a skirt... EUREKA!

Pic by Fashion Wire Press


- Sportmax red dress

- COS bralet

- Zalando Zign sandals

- Delvaux bag

- Wouters & Hendrix bracelet

- L'Amulette by Cartier

- An Italian Theory jumper

Pic by Dirk Alexander

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