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Door Tiany op 23.11.2014

One of my all time favorite US brands is without a doubt 3.1 Phillip Lim. My obsession for these designer frocks started with me, myself and I... falling helplessly in love with this green teddy biker jacket, which I initially couldn't afford but eventually ended up adding to my wardrobe. We still pretty much adore each other. 

The 3.1 obsession continued and last season in March I was lucky enough to get myself invited to their fall winter 2014 show, triple swoon! The mental wish lists that resulted from my attendance to this show were like never ending… read: yet another sublime 3.1 Phillip Lim collection. I was for example totally hypnotized with the combo of pastels and blacks and went totally banana's when the beautiful pastel and brown fur coat jackets hit the catwalk, but these are way above the Kirilove budget and for now only realistic in my dreams.

This lovely silk dress with graphical print, however, did fit the budget and it already has proven to be worth its investment.

In addition to my love story above, I would also like to introduce you to Yayoi Jewelry, which is one of the many amazing brands I recently bumped into via Instagram –aka my biggest addiction and source of inspiration. Yayoi has its way of making pretty remarkable necklaces that just add the necessary finishing touch to what ever you may want to wear. And even though I’m currently going through this fine jewelry phase, I still adore adding a bold piece that will make a statement every now and then, hence my admiration for these Latvian designs which are online available via their site 


3.1 Phillip Lim dress shopped at Smets

Filles A Papa black sweater

Yayoi Jewelry

Benedetta Bruzziches clutch bag

Joshua Sanders leopard loafers

Photography by Dirk Alexander

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