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Winter pastels on Zalando

Door Tiany op 07.11.2014

We’ve gone from a so-called Indian Summer to a real state of hibernation, well at least I have and because this weather is threatening to launch me into some gloomy state of mind, I have decided to rely on pastels … just to soften the edges off this winter that is about to hit us.

I teamed up with online heaven Zalando to achieve this pastel perfect look and decided to pair some soft pinks with lilacs and a dash of grey. As I am a sucker for structures, I opted for utter fluffiness, not only to keep me warm but also because of the feel-good touch that comes along with fluff and to be honest ever since the legendary words of little Agnes in Despicable me; “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die”, I’ve been pretty much attracted to everything that is suitable for petting… Hence this grey hairy delight.

For your comfort and so you would not spend hours of browsing around on the Internet, I’ve made a selection of winter pastels that are totally covetable (add affordable to that too) and that are most likely to have you looking great the entire winter to come…

Wearing an all Zalando outfit.

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