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Eddy Anemian x H&M in stores now

Door Tiany op 23.10.2014

Get ready to be wowed again with another outfit from Eddy Anemian. I've been sharing my love for this years H&M Design Award winner in previous articles "Eddy Anemian: a new couture king" and "Eddy Anemian x H&M ... part II" and have hereby saved the best for last. It's pretty surprising to see the results of the Anemian collection for H&M and to see that the Swedish fashion mogul did all the possible efforts to not water down the ingenious creations, and it's only fair to say that the clothes are enchantingly beautiful

This time around I decided to wear the white jumpsuit with floral sleeves. This design is a cool take on the concept of spring florals with a peek-a-boo pop of  sleeve florals. I feel like there is so much chic to wearing a one pieced outfit and mark my words as I predict a big revival of the jumpsuit as I've been seeing it all over the place during fashion weeks. 

Anemian’s clothes are all about cut and construction, once more the case proven with this jumpsuit. I’m also loving the volume within this outfit and the color white, which really balances out the rest of the flowery collection.

As said before, Anemian is what I call a true couturier and I really hope he'll be able to pursue his happiness in fashion. Whether he ends up working for a fashion house in Paris or creating his own label, I'm pretty sure he'll be able to rule many fashionista's hearts.

And if you want to get your hands on some Anemian pieces yourself, then please pay a visit to the H&M stores in Antwerp (Meir) and Brussels (Nieuwstraat). The stunning collection is available from today on.

Photography by Bram Laebens.
Hair & Make-up by Jilke Juliens.


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