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Tiny in New York

Door Tiany op 10.10.2014

I survived 3 fashion metropolises in the past couple of weeks, travelled with less than 24 kilograms of luggage each time and totally refrained from shopping… I kid you not! I have worn quite some outfits, all pretty different and eclectic with an obligate touch of Kirilove, but then again… what else did you expect?

I’m hereby hoping to soon have more time to post all my different fashion week looks and truly promise to do my utter best… In the meantime I can already tell you that I’m heading back to New York next week and this time, I actually get to spend some real time in the city that never sleeps as during Fashion Week I barely had the time to even eat. I however had a ball and guess that these pics portray my little piece of happiness in The Big Apple…

Don’t get me wrong, I totally miss my family every time I’m gone, I’m in the end a very dedicated mommy and I admit it totally makes me feel tiny out there in the big fashion world. I however also adore my job and am thus incapable of making choices when it comes to having this crazy career and being a mommy… so yes I do struggle and trust me, I’m currently oh soo happy to be back home, close to the mini me


- Paule Ka dress

- Filles A Papa popcorn clutch

- Linda Farrow glasses

- Yayoi necklace

- Jimmy Choo flats

Pictures by Dirk Alexander.

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