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Door Tiany op 20.08.2014

I like colors FULL STOP! Always have and even though I’m currently going through a black phase, I still tend to stay in touch with the bright side of myself. Especially when retro silhouettes are involved, which pretty much is the case when it comes to the looks of this divine yellow studded Louis Vuitton dress. For the record: it’s not mine, I wish it were though… but the peeps at Louis Vuitton were so kind to let me wear it during my Secret Places experience, which was by the way an unforgettable adventure!

I will not deny that at certain point I almost decided to kidnap the entire outfit and especially the Coppola brown bag. I’ve been in love with this bag for ages and after having felt it for a day, I decided to start saving up for this covetable, handy and totally modest bag… This practically means, keep an eye on my Depop account as I will soon start selling some of my closet goodies!

I’m currently back at work in our brand new offices in Gent, which are pretty much the bomb (I promise you a tour very soon, from the minute I finish the full deco of it). It’s back in full force mode as we’re trying to get the upcoming fashion weeks organized. Total Mayhem if you ask me and I constantly forget how many truckloads of work are involved in just preparing the whole shabam… I’ve once more come to the conclusion that I’m in urgent need of a Personal Assistant; feel free to send in your applications ladies wink


Louis Vuitton yellow dress

Louis Vuitton clogs

Louis Vuitton Sofia Coppola bag

Chloe sunglasses

Thea Kirilove ear cuff

Amulette de Cartier necklace

Photography by Maya Bogaert

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