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Printed Soul Mate

Door Tiany op 17.05.2014

The dog days are over, they have been for a while in my head and in my wardrobe, ever since I decided to say farewell to those annoying tights and started living in my bejeweled H&M Birkenstocks, rain or no rain….  

So accordingly to my state of mind, I have adapted my vestimentary behaviour, which for once has turned out to be surprisingly courageous. I have this tendency to fear shorts and everything that has to do with flashing too much leg. But brave girls just embrace their fears and deal with them and now that I’ve gotten over it, I pretty much demand tropical temperatures so I won’t freeze to death in my brilliantly colorful Aztec print short combo.

I have however paired this pretty combo -which btw turned out to be very affordable-  with my very own personal trainer, whom is costing me a fortune, but is –alongside with my yoga & pilates routine- prepping my quadriceps, gluteus and hamstrings for some mayor beach bum action.

To whomever might wonder what affordable means, well this little colorful ensemble of short and blazer is part of the Esprit Trend collection, a collection that is only available in their main flagship shops and proves that you don’t have to pay a fortune to look just pretty cute. Life is great, the sun is out... so smile, because happy just looks good on you.  

Pictures by Dena Huys

Hair & Make-up by Florence Teerlinck


-Uniqlo white blouse

-Esprit Trend collection short combo

-Spektre sunglasses

-Mother of Pearl bee loafers

-Cartier LOVE bracelet

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