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Unlock your Wish

Door Tiany op 13.05.2014

There are many things that have ended up on my wish list over the past few years; most of them were perhaps not always very profound and probably linked to some material inner craving… I am human after all, made of flesh and blood and often tempted by the truckloads of beautiful designer delights, mea culpa indeed.

However, the hope I cherish the most has nothing to do with the material girl in me, but with my wish that all the goodness of this universe may forever and ever also surround my girls. I could give up my life to secure that, but unfortunately that is not a given and therefore I can only wish that my lovely ladies will be able to discover the world in a peaceful and loving environment.


I do have major worries every once in a while and fear of failing in my attempts to elevate my ladies. My offspring are 7 and 5 and over the past few months I’ve had to deal with a fractured elbow, a broken nose and an incident of little burnt feet… I was around on all three occasions, but couldn’t avoid these incidents from happening nor could I avoid the major mini-me sorrows that came along with the incidents and crushed my heart to little pieces. I sometimes wonder how on earth will I manage to save them from the bigger picture and this wide world that is amazing but also so treacherous at the same time?


Only now do I understand the many sleepless nights that mommy dear endured and only now do I fully comprehend the power of this bigger than life wish, I somehow hope will be fulfilled.

I have to thank Cartier as the #unlockyourwish campaign of their recently launched Amulette collection has persuaded me to think even more about those things in life that are really important and more than worth fighting for. Having unlocked my biggest desire turns out to be therapeutic and like a waterfall of ambitions have been popping up ever since, including the dream of soon becoming the proud owner of Cartier's lovely Amulette... I am human after all and besides... I could call it part of my legacy wink no?

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