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Heaven is a place on earth

Door Tiany op 30.04.2014

The story of Didier & me started about 8 years ago and after having given birth to mini-me Yelena in 2007 my husband and I got married 6 years ago, we had our little honeymoon in Positano, Italy, which in my memory still remains like the most beautiful place on the face of this planet. Specially the San Pietro di Positano Hotel where we spent our mini honeymoon, it was exceptional!

Over the past 6 years we’ve had our share of travelling around, but it has somehow always been in the good company of friends or our beloved cute mini-me. So it suddenly occurred to me that the hubby and I needed a tropical break. And I somehow also decided to turn this trip into a surprise mini holiday, meaning that hubby dear received a mail with a save the date, but had no clue further of what I was up to.


Living in Belgium has many benefits, but when it comes to good weather you either need a great deal of luck or you just have to go for the long haul.  After some research I ended up booking an Air Mauritius flight to…. Yes indeed, Mauritius, which turned out to be a magnificent idea!

One might think I’m crazy as it’s a 10 hour flight, but let me explain: Air Mauritius offers night flights and somehow their economy seats are more spacious than what you traditionally end up sitting in druing other  flights, they also welcome you with this cute little bag that contains a mini toothbrush kit, a blindfold and earplugs aka a ready to sleep kit. The mini Ruinart was an extra gift to reassure that my husband and I would sleep the entire flight. So basically you just step into the plane, you watch a movie, fall asleep and wake up in paradise. We spent 4 days in the Mauritian sun and returned in yet another nigh flight, which allowed us to have 4 full amazing days of pure relaxation in the amazing scenery of Mauritius.

Our mini escape turned out to be a great approach, as I couldn’t kidnap my hubby for too long due to his professional life. But it was an intense shot of vitamin D, 4 days of divine happiness and never-ending conversations. It was the perfect getaway to redefine our love, something I believe all couples should do every now and then.

Stay tuned, as I’ll be sharing even more paradisiacal pics of our stay in beautiful Mauritius.

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