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Leopard Jersey Sweatpants

Door Tiany op 24.04.2014

To be honest, I’ve always been a fierce opponent of tracksuits. I never understood the entire Juicy Couture hype and promised myself on various occasions to never ever be spotted wearing anything “tracksuit" whatsoever, not even to midnight-hour gym sessions… I do admit having a slight PJ’s addiction, which pretty much results in me hanging around in PJ’s all day long, well at least during the absence of hubby dear as he can’t stand seeing me in my favourite attire… 

I'm not sure how to explain the difference between the above two, but to me, there is a world in between and even if these trousers may seem to be a hybrid of a PJ and a sweatpant, I like to refer to them as my pretty jersey pants, which I wisely decided to add to my wardrobe... Guess these Baum und Pferdgarten leopard trousers just had me at “hello”, because of their comfy jersey fabric and their wicked print.

This specific pair has become my "chill-out" styling solution and to be honest, I’ve even spent entire weekends living in them. They have also proven to be hubby critique proof as they look pretty chic when paired with stiletto's. The ideal pants you can conclude, as they make me feel in an ultra PJ's comfy mood though slightly desirable to the hubby dear, ain't that what womens' dreams are made of?  


-Baum und Pferdgarten leopard trousers

-Designers Remix Collection sweater

-Damart jeans shirt

-Isabel Marant for H&M coat

-Crytalline earrings

-Kobe Husk shoes

Pictures by Koen Van Buggenhout and hair & make-up by Jilke Julien

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