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Beetle*Juice & long legs

Door Tiany op 23.04.2014

You can’t entirely refer to me as a petite, because being 1m73 is pretty ok for a girl like me, but lets face it, I wasn’t standing in line the moment God decided to hand out his share of never ending legs. So that’s just something I have to deal with and I do. I strongly believe that playing dress-up is all about knowing your own pretty body and truth is, there’s always a trick to make you look just that tad little bit better, ALWAYS.

Vertically striped pants have been for ages a good idea, as they will optically make your legs look longer and slimmer. Add a pair of pointy stiletto’s to that (points also make your legs look longer) and chances are they’ll mistake you for the "little" sister of Gisele Bündchen, I wasn’t promising you a miracle either, was I?

And now that we're talking optical revamping of the body, a nice tan can also make your legs & body look thinner, no kidding, just try it at home with a good self-tanner and thank me for it later. However, please do bare in mind that fit is the new skinny, no more hunger games, which means you won't be needing those mosquito legs any longer....

Make the entire look just a bit sleeker by adding a maxi length beige coat, this particular exemplar is by the Scandinavian brand Amatør and honestly, it was love at first sight because of it’s elegance and polished looks… clean cut to the bone and definitely an investment piece that will transcend many seasons to come.


-COS shirt

-Striped Hilfiger Denim True to the Blue pants

-Amator coat

-Gilbert Halaby bag

-Louboutin pumps

-Beaded necklace by Del Duca

Pics by Dena Huis

Hair & Make-up by Florence Teerlinck for Yves Saint Laurent

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