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Door Tiany op 09.04.2014

It's that time of the year again that H&M joins forces with nature in order to create a beautiful collection that aims to spread consciousness about sustainable fashion. I’ve already had the chance to share 2 of my favorite looks (the all white lace combo and the to-die-for black dress) and I’ve also told you bits & pieces about my small contributions to a better planet, but there is more to be said.

H&M Conscious Exclusive is like a fresh start and a chance to change your daily patterns when talking consumption habits and ecological thinking … It’s letting you realize that “ecological” no longer limits itself to the alternative nation, nor should you have prejudices towards organic food any longer, as nowadays it has become very tasty & delicious and good for your health.

I’m not trying to be some kind of moralist, but having kids has made me think twice about our daily habits and eating patterns and how this planet can just not carry our over-consumption mechanism. I hereby do hope my “pleads” will somehow achieve a mind-switch within your lovely fashionista brains as being conscious doesn’t hurt, but only makes the planet a prettier place.


3 more simple #kirilove lifestyle rules to a cleaner planet

*Ban plastic from your life as much as you can. In my kitchen I opt for enamelware, glass containers or stainless steel. Check out Klean Kanteen and Comptoir des Objects for ab fab good for this planet solutions.

*No more fleece, it contains micro particles of recycled plastic, which is good, but every time you wash it, those micro particles will go into the water and as they are too small, they will not be filtered out of that same water and thus eventually end up in your fish … #nomnom

*Say no to disposable items. Think reusable; it will make your life less complex and your household will eventually become less of a hoard. Eureka!

The H&M Conscious Exclusive collection hits stores tomorrow and will be available in Brussels and Antwerp … Think about it and start making a difference. #prettyplease


H&M Concious Exclusive Collection clothes and black belt

Isabel Marant black & white pumps

Multi-color necklace by Del Duca

Balck & grey beaded headband by Del Duca

Hair & Make-up by Jilke Juliens. 

Pictures by Dirk Alexander.

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