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I’m every woman

Door Tiany op 28.03.2014

I’m a passionate working lady, devoted mother and wife, comprehensive friend, occasional bitch, a jack of all trades trying to fulfil a gazillion tasks at a time, but not always quite managing to achieve perfection because of days turning out to be too short. I’m an all-round woman just like so many of us.

Turns out, that womankind is quite a marvelous ‘species’ and to be honest I’m totally proud of being part of it. I hereby would like to pay my respect to all the likeminded ladies out there who are chasing dreams and dividing themselves into 6 to make every day count for themselves and their families. You girls rock my world!

I would also like to thank & pay my deepest respect to Diane Von Furstenberg for empowering generations of women, both young & old by creating the most iconic dress in the history of fashion. A true classic and a must-have evergreen in the closet of all you ladies out there... lets have a round of applause for the wrap dress... one of the most iconic fashion inventions ever since Coco's Little Black Jacket.

It was conceived to make womankind feel even more feminine and designed to flatter every type of body. Over the past 40 years it has been reimagined numerous times and made in every possible existing print, which makes it probably the most customizable garment in fashion.

2014 is rightfully said a celebration year for the wrap dress, with the launch of various special wrap dress editions and an expo that was held in LA and that'll hopefully also come to Belgium - can I pray for that? So cheers to Diane and to all you ladies out there... Live, Love & Laugh and just remember Diane’s wise words: “Feel like a woman, wear a dress!”

DVF/ Andy Warhol limited edition collection available at the DVF shop in Brussels (Grotehertstraat 11)


-DVF wrap dress

-Lack of Color hat

-Crystalline Jewellery

Pictures © Dirk Alexander.

Hair and make-up: Kim Theylaert using Bumble & Bumble and Laura Mercier @

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