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Louis Vuitton blues

Door Tiany op 27.03.2014

I’ve always been a big fan of a total head to toe jeans look and I certainly have tihs little something for all things blue. My wardrobe is a mix & match of colors, very true, but I do have a serious collection of frocks in every possible hue of blue. So a while ago, Louis Vuitton offered me the chance to play dress up with their lovely cruise collection and I decided to explore three different shades of Kirilove

I started my LV series portraying the Latino woman in me: not the easiest job, as I have a preference to neglect extreme sexy looks,  I somehow always have. I think I started using my very first high heels at the age of 23 and I continuously worked on my mother's Latino nerves, because I looked more like Kurt Cobain or the local skater boys.

I then decided to explore the vintage girl in me with this beautiful Holy Hobbie-ish ensemble, that turned out to be a piece of cake as you all know that I have this strong affection for retro looks with an edge.

This last Louis Vuitton look was all about my love for the colour blue, inevitably I ended up choosing this adorable seemingly total jeans look. It also just made me feel very Parisian which was obviously just perfect when striking a pose on a Parisian terrace.

These pics were taken by the lovely Carin of Paris in Four Months and are the last part of a series of three shoots we did. It was an amazing experience to work with Carin in lovely Paris all dressed up in the luxury of Louis Vuitton. Thanks and special thanks to Kim Theylaert who travelled with me to Paris to make me look picture perfect.


-Louis Vuitton skirt, blouse, cap and shoes

-H&M earrings

-Dodo bracelets

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