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The Gustav Klimt adoration

Door Tiany op 27.01.2014

I’ve always had a preference for the color blue as in my humble opinion, it is one of the most sophisticated hues and a tad bit more subtle and softer than black.  I also totally admit being a first class magpie, driven by anything that shines and has the appearance of gold. This was once very different, but over the years I've learned to appreciate my dose of bling

Another of my many fascinations includes the artist Gustav Klimt and after having flirted with the likes of Frida Kahlo I decided it was time to find some inspiration in Klimt’s amazing artwork. I must have been 14 or 15 when I first bumped into his amazing art work. I'm pretty sure he triggered me into reconnecting with my inner bling and because of him I once painted an entire wall in gold in my very first house. Call it a coincidence, but Klimt also had an affection for the color blue as he always hued himself in a dark blue long robe to work on his many paintings. 


I wanted to try out something different, a little less “ordinary” and just imagine myself in the 19th century, as one of Klimt’s “subjects” during his very successful so-called Golden Phase.  A period that was marked by his most popular work “The Kiss”, an amazing and very intimate artwork that included truckloads of gold leaf just like his portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, a very impressive work of art that was sold for an amount of 135 million dollars.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

We however had no plans of making a photographic replica of what Gustav once created, just a little inspiration that lead us to this semi opulent styling, hues of blue in different textures, a dash of gold and some amazing antique pearls.


H&M sheer blue dress

H&M fringe top

Dior pearl earrings

1860 Pearl antique choker via Antiques Adin

Rosantica multiple long necklace via Smets

Golden cuff via Manuel Opdenacker

Miu Miu sandals

Styling assistant Fran Labarque.

Foto's © Dirk Alexander.

Hair and make-up Tiany: Kim Theylaert using Bumble & Bumble and Laura Mercier

Many thanks to Arte - International for helping us out with our decoration thanks to their golden wallpaper. 

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