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Kirilove on defending the inner me

Door Tiany op 25.01.2014

Trust me, you pretty much are what you eat and in my lifetime experience I have learned that good skin also comes from within. I started working on my eating habits after the birth of my second minime. I now pretty much stick to organic food, take my daily supplements, eat as little meat as I can and only consume almond, coco & soymilk. I make my own green juices, consume truckloads of chia and I have become a first class green tea adept.

Besides being very conscious of what I eat, I also have developed a weekly yoga & pilates routine. This is pretty much basically what goes on with the inner me, but of course there’s more to it, as nutrition and movement get you started in the right direction but in my case I need the necessary lotions & potions to be able to achieve good looking and wrinkle free skin. Years fly by and I’m all of sudden almost 36 and determined to stay young as long as I can….

Lucky part of my job is that I get to test a lot of amazing products and just before leaving for Costa Rica in December, I received Clinique’s brand new Superdefence SPF 20 along with my favorite organic Amaranth cereal… the peeps at Clinique seem to know me very well! I’ve been using Superdefense ever since I left on x-mas break, as it turned out to be an ultra hydrating cream that has my skin feeling comfy and moisturized the entire day long.

Superdefense SPF 20 was created to protect your skin from the outside, from all the possible free radicals that cause your skin to age or have it dehydrated (worked by the way wonders during my flights). It contains truckloads of anti-oxidants and a very elaborated sun filter that protects your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and most importantly; it just feels good when applied.

No sticky or greasy cheeks or forehead, it penetrates into your skin directly and has it prepped for a dash of make-up in just seconds. Highly recommended and currently on my top beauty shelf along with my beauty pills and Clarisonic cleanser, as this technical device and I have grown pretty much inseparable. 

Click here if you want to discover everything about the Superdefence SPF 20 by Clinique.

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