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La bella Eleonora Carisi for Zalando diaries

Door Tiany op 20.01.2014

There is this girl I met a couple of seasons ago during fashion week and the minute I saw her, I experienced what many tend to call a “girl crush”. I was kind of star struck, totally bewitched by her incredible sense of style, her Cindy Crawford mole, her perfect ombre hair and her trademark hairdo which pretty much covers one half of her face and makes her look sexy as hell. Don’t get me wrong, I’m straight as a line, but some girls just make me extra proud of being part of the female half of human race. 

Along the way I learned more about this extraordinary lady; her name, who she was and what she did in life. She took some streetstyle pics of me on various occasions, we started chatting, sharing an occasional laugh in between shows and have now become virtual “friends”. Her name? Eleonora Carisi, full blood Italian, drop dead gorgeous, sweet as a peach and creative in many ways. She not only runs a blog called joujouvilleroy, she’s also a photographer, designer of her own collection What’s Inside You and shop owner of You You Store and exceptional little boutique in her hometown Turin.


So when I learned about her collab with Zalando, I felt this profound happiness for her and secretly wished I could hug her to death to congratulate her. Turns out, all of that happened as Zalando invited me to attend the coziest of launches in Milano.

I think I ended up spending 24 hours in Milano and while at it, I can say that I had truckloads of fun with fellow bloggers and Eleonora and that again, I did not succeed in resisting a little Prada… story of my life! I also returned with some Eleonora Carisi goodies which I’ll soon be sporting and posting on this very BlogSpot.

Eleonora decided to create a capsule collection of nine pieces in a tropical jungle – inspired allover print. Everything will be manufactured in Italy and the silhouettes are based on her current “What’s Inside You” collection.

It’s easy, endlessly combinable and made out of pretty fabrics such as silk, cotton and organza. The styles are ultra feminine, romantic but edgy at the same time, just like lady Carisi herself.


Retail prices will be ranging from 150 euro up to 400 euro and everything will be online available at from March on.

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