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Shooting stars in 2014… from now on!

Door Tiany op 09.01.2014

Supposedly I have the entire month of January to wish you all the best for the upcoming and probably very exciting new year, but honestly I’m a bit ashamed these best wishes come in this very late…

There are a couple of very legitimate reasons for my delay. One of them is that I was nowhere around my laptop nor a decent working wifi connection as I spent an awesome two weeks of family surfing & chilling love in Costa Rica. The other one involves me being a caring and very concerned mommy as my offspring entered this New Year in a kind of  “crash test dummy” way.




There’s the little Eloise that managed to step into a still smoldering beach campfire on January the 1st. It was anxiety all the way as we tried to relieve her pain and console her disturbed little self, wiping away her abundant tears.


It’s the kind of happenings that tears your mommy heart in two and makes you wish it were you yourself suffering from this pain. Eloise is doing very well now and after merely 3 days she was already running around, so thanks God for that.  Just when I thought I could start reaching out for my laptop again, lady Yelena accidentally crashed and kind of broke her pretty tiny nose at the playground. My poor little munchkin currently has the appearance of Shrek! But she’s luckily doing fine and feeling pretty well.

Yes, there goes the heart again and in comes the realization that all you actually need in life is good health. So my pretty, lovely readers… I first of all want to thank you for the support in 2013 and for believing in me & Belmodo all this time! I also want to wish you a very healthy 2014, as a good working body is the one and only key to being capable of doing things and conquering the world.

And remember, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

So please just continue to show the entire world what you are capable of.

Peace Out and cheers to exciting new adventures!

On the fashion side things started of extremely well as I was featured on as one of their Trendsetters! Thanks so very much for that dear Grazia!

Furthermore I am also extremely happy to announce the birth of, as I am one of their contributors along with a couple of amazing leading and beautiful fashion ladies. Check it out as it will make your fashion life so much easier!

I’m also looking forward to the launch of my mother/daughter collection for Essentiel, which will hit stores by the end of March, check my Instagram feed as we will soon shot the campaign and that will involve a lot of mini me and me fun.

Loads of Love and a litlle bit of Kirilove wink

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