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La Montre Première Dreams de Chanel

Door Tiany op 23.12.2013

The first time I saw a Chanel Première watch, was at the age of 16 as it elegantly dangled from the wrist of what seemed to me the most refined woman I had ever seen in my life. A perfect stranger she was and I never really met her, but I still remember the delicate golden chain bracelet which I did not immediately recognize but some time later grew up to acknowledge it being Chanel. I guess I was instantly marveled by its enchanting golden brilliance and the perfect elegance oozed by this distinguished time device. I suppose it was back then that I decided to once own a divine Chanel Première and the pursuit is still on, it has become a 20-year plan, but someday yours truly will achieve her goals…

Turns out that the Chanel Première watch was the 1st watch creation launched by Chanel back in 1987 and designed exclusively for women. The iconic chain referred to everything Chanel had created before. Its octagonal dial was also - just like the stop of the No. 5 perfume bottle - inspired by the shape of the iconic Place Vendôme, which was Coco's magnificent daily view.

Anno 2013 the legend of the Chanel Première has been given a slight update with a slimmer and more streamlined silhouette. The spirit though stays the same, as the Première experience still focuses on giving us women a sense of timelessness or think about it as Chanel wanting to grant us time for ourselves to enjoy the everyday chic in life.

Chanel offered me the chance to experience the unique Chanel Première feeling.

Delighted as I was to receive this news I teamed up with Bram from Ghentstreetstyle and he came up with the idea of using this Parallax sequence technique to create the perfect Chanel dream world, loaded with my favorite French brand and pretty much perfect as it would be in all our dreams.

Many thanks to Jilke Juliens for the Make- Up, Fran Labarque for the set dressing and Koen Freson.
Thanks to Hotel O in Antwerp South for the perfect dream room.
Thanks to Bram for putting up with my luxurious dreams.
Special thanks to Chanel for making this dream happen.

-Paule Ka trousers
-Ki6Who Are You? Coat
-COS white blouse
-Chanel Boy bag
-Chanel shoes

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