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A Kirilove tribute to Coco Chanel

Door Tiany op 18.12.2013

You say Chanel and I holler, twirl around in full contentment and pretty much start hyperventilating… After all these years Chanel has never ceased to have this hypnotic effect on me and something tells me I'm not the only one, which really has me wondering WHY?

I’m not pretty sure how to explain the “Oh my God, I will probably die if I don’t have that piece of Chanel” effect as I seem to have been born with it… Guess you can blame it on Chanel being a classic iconic brand with a magnificent contemporary fashion twist. Once created by a strong & confident woman that started a fashion revolution on her very own and succeeded in conquering the world pretty much starting from scratch. I’m starting to develop a theory here, that we perhaps can blame our inner feministic fashionista as the main cause of our constant urge for Chanel.

That and the fact that practically every creation –how out of this world it might seem in the very beginning- has been conceived to make you feel ultra elegant and totally empowered. You slip into Chanel and that somehow instantly ads some imaginary centimeters to your posture, it automatically makes you flaunt elegantly and I must admit that it somehow makes you feel more woman than you can ever imagine…

That was once more was the case the minute I put on the Chanel Cruise collection jacket, which for the occasion I combined with plain black as a little Kirilove homage to the black & white elegance that was once introduced by my idol Mademoiselle Coco Chanel.

-Chanel Cruise Collection white jacket, earrings and cuff

-Essentiel SS 2014 pants

-Cartier Love Bracelet

-March 23 shoes    

Pictures by Dirk Alexander

Hair & Make-up by Kim Theylaert using Bumble & Bumble and Laura Mercier available at

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