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Autumn Hues in Comptoir des Cotoniers

Door Tiany op 04.12.2013

I utterly adore the hues of autumn and certainly where I live they tend to get pretty much spectacular. Despite what many people think of me, I’m not a city girl and actually live out there in the wild surrounded by trees and little bunny rabbits. Guess my love for all things nature and thus the bordeaux autumn colors of this Comptoir des Cotonniers ensemble instantly attracted me… that and the fact that I’m a sucker for cute little matching deux-pièces.

Comptoir des Cotonniers is one of those brands that are often underestimated, but truth is that they produce the prettiest simple things in life and truckloads of wardrobe staples at very reasonable prices and of extremely good quality.  I’ve been a fan of them for many years and also love the fact that they often collaborate with interesting people such as Charlotte le Bon (who designed some amazing bags) or Calla Haynes who created the prettiest flowery dresses for CDC.


-Comptoir des Cotonniers ensemble and grey jumper with collar

-Earrings Percy Stone

-Colored knuckle rings Les Soeurs

-Repossi Ring

-Cartier Love bracelet

-Tiffany & Co Atlas Collection bracelet

-Stefan Meuwissen pumps

Special thanks to Charlotte Stoffels and Nanja Massy

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