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The Stella Files

Door Tiany op 02.12.2013

I have a new addiction, it’s always been lingering around and now that I’m starting to grow even more into this fashion conscious philosophy, I’ve given in to it. Or lets put it this way… I’ve started saving up for it and guess the fact that Smets Brussels started stocking great amounts of the beautiful Stella McCartney creations, has also contributed to my aspiration of dressing only in Stella.

Most of you have not a clue of what goes on in my own household on a daily base, but lets put it this way… I really go through the effort of leading an "ecological life". I recycle, I pay extra’s when flying to reduce my CO2 emission (check Co2 Logic). I buy local products and have been into organic food for almost 5 years now. I try to avoid meat as much as I can on my weekly menu (I however do eat meat every once in a while) and I’ve pretty much banned buying fish as most of the fishing practices are killing our seas. I’ll bake spelt burgers and eat tofu and bits of quinoa. My husband is also part of the Belgian Surf Rider Foundation, which is committed to preserving the seas that provide us with so much life and I myself have continued my quest to sustainable fashion as I can no longer bare the thought that our overconsumption society will probably kill us one day.

I’ve always loved 2nd hand and recycling clothes, hell, even my kids wear recycled garments every now and then. Stella McCartney is in fashion land practically the only lady that has always prioritized sustainable options. She uses no leather or fur whatsoever in her creations and constantly puts an effort into research that’ll make her fashion last for ages. Her pursuit to create garments & accessories that will not damage the environment has always captivated me and even though the prices are not always as affordable as I’d like, I do save up for as many of her lovely pieces as I can each and every season.

This fall winter I also indulged into her tartan jumper and I like to think of it as my best investment up to now as it has kept me warm on many occasions and as it has proven to be an extremely versatile piece, combinable with an entire range of basics but also with iconic pieces such as the green leopard jumpsuit I bought last season.

Let me hereby also entice you into what Stella McCartney has got in store for us next season, as I was lucky enough to attend the SS 2014 show and enjoyed every single creation presented in the luxurious décor of the Opéra Garnier de Paris. Once more pure elegance and femininity mixed with a series of beautiful prints and sharp cut silhouettes… my wish list is in the make and the saving up has started once more.

Stella McCartney available at Smets - Brussels

All pictures by Dirk Alexander


Stella McCartney jumper and jumpsuit

Delvaux yellow bag

Karen Walker sunnies

Love bracelet by Cartier

Dodo Pomellato charm bracelets

Wouters & Hendrix earrings and bracelet

Tabitha Simmons yellow flats

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