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Doing it 4 the kids: Isabel Marant pour H&M

Door Tiany op 13.11.2013

You might not feel like camping in front of your local H&M shop and cueing from 5am in the morning, you might not feel like indulging into some nasty catfight to get your hands on that to-die-for embroidered jacket that Isabel Marant designed for H&M. You may as well be hoping, wishing or praying that nobody will actually show up to buy the very long awaited creations of the French designer (pretty much wishful thinking, but hey) or you were perhaps just planning to lock yourself up for the next few days to come…

Well,  have I got some serious bad news for some of you funky mommies out there, as the collab between Isabel Marant and H&M not only consists out of great garments for ladies & gents, but a wide selection of goodies for the mini-me was also added to just make it that tad bit more desirable. Bummer... right? Because how can one resist to not buy all these cute miniature versions of the Parisian cool brand?

So if you’re not going through the hassle and  so-called hazardous task of getting your hands on some Isabel Marant pour H&M for yourself, then at least do it for the kids as they will most definitely end up looking like little super stars in the cutest ever mini versions of the hippie chic Parisian looks of the French designer. I promise you will like every little bit of it and that you will never forgive yourself for not having tried to get your hands on the “Smile” sweater or the mini frilled skirt.

PS... your kids will love you for that... at least that is what my mini me has to say....


Yelena wears Isabel Marant pour H&M clothes

Black Dr. Martens shoes and March 23 sneakers for kids.

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