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Kirilove x Paris in Four Months: a Louis Vuitton story

Door Tiany op 12.11.2013

Besides wanting to inspire you and introduce you to amazing interesting brands, goodies and people, I also want to share the dreams that I dream about every now and then. Of course they don’t always involve luxuriously beautiful clothes and extraordinary to die for bags; my dreams very often consist about simple things like gigantic cups of chocolate ice-cream or my girls enjoying their gorgeous little lives.

But every now and then, I dream about winning the lottery and indulging into all these beautiful catwalk collections I get to contemplate every season and I wonder; is it me being very greedy or am I just in search of fashion perfection and in total urge of the fashion craftsmanship of the likes of an exceptional fashion house such as Louis Vuitton?

Whichever way, I was more than delighted to hear that Louis Vuitton was totally prepared to make me feel like a princess for one day, which is probably more than I could ever have wished for.

I cannot entirely describe how exquisite it felt to slip into the wool tartan dress and words can not explain how even more phenomenal it was to cuddle up into the softest feathery lined coat I've ever felt. It felt divine and having Paris as my décor made it just insanely perfect.


I must admit that the price tag attached to these masterpieces becomes totally justified once you experience them. The precision in detailing, the luxurious feeling of the supreme materials and perfection in tailoring of these Louis Vuitton garments is more than outstanding. They just make you look instantly elegant and feel totally chic, an empowering feeling that becomes very desirable I guess...  

This Kirilove editorial was photographed by the lovely & very talented Miss Carin, whom via her blog makes you wanna move instantly to Paris. Her blog is a collection of the most beautiful little spots ever in Paris and to me it was a great honor to have been able to shoot these pics with her.


Many thanks and big love to Kim Theylaert who decided to join me on this trip to Paris and actually spent more time in a train than in Paris itself just for the sole purpose of making me picture perfect for Louis Vuitton. You're one of a kind lady!   



-Louis Vuiton fw 2013 coat, dress and shoes

-Marni earrings

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