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Pink Elephants & Lemonade

Door Tiany op 30.10.2013

Wondering if any of you know where 'pink elephants & lemonade’ comes from? Well, it’s a phrase in perhaps one of my favorite Madonna songs, namely Dear Jessie from the Like a Prayer album. The song’s perhaps a bit corny, but it still reminds me of my careless year as a 12-year old and the many great things I experienced.

So every time I think of pink, this song pops up in my mind and that’s when this title came along...

I bought this fluffy pink delight somewhere in September, but spotted it ages ago on the lovely Viviana Volpicella and fell instantly in love. I’ve always had a major crush on all things fluffy and pink, so it was kind of obvious that this item would end up in my closet.

My pink crush continued and I compulsively ended up buying the velvet Sonia Rykiel culottes, which I found on and which are destined to have a lovely future with me.

The shoes were the result of a long search, that ended online and led me to the They’re Stella’s and therefor not made of leather, lately I seem to have a huge crush on Stella McCartney and must admit that I’m particularly attracted to her fashion mentality & aesthetics. It’s admirable to see how you can make an ecological statement through fashion and I’m cultivating the ambitions to continue acting a bit more conscious when it comes to fashion. I already indulge into buying second hand because of the recycling aspect and each time I visit H&M I contribute to the H&M conscious project. I’ve been buying less lately and saving up to purchase items that will last longer and transcend trends.

The larger than life Delvaux is not mine and will probably never be as it costs an arm and 2 legs… nevertheless I loved wearing it for a split second during the Fashion in Antwerp blog event and really think it formed the perfect combo with my flamingo pink outfit of the eve.


-MSGM sweater bought at Smets – Brussels

-Sonia Rykiel culotte via

-Stella McCartney

-The biggest Delvaux ever borrowed during the Fashion in Antwerp blogger event

Hair and Make-up by Kim Theylaert and Guerlain Paris

Pics by Dirk Alexander

Get this look:

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