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Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Door Tiany op 27.10.2013

It’s always been a real pleasure to be able to meet you guys, the people that follow me and read me on a daily or weekly base. It’s even a bigger pleasure to be able to treat you to unforgettable experiences like the lovely and very cozy Breakfast at Tiffany’s that we experienced a couple of weeks ago… please forgive me for being late on sharing this lovely morning with you, but October just rushed by and I somehow didn’t manage to get this story out before now, it also took me a while to recollect the pics that were made by some of you, many thanks therefor!

Amidst the splendid and luxurious décor of the Tiffany & Co Boutique in Brussels a select group of 30 girls (and 1 very kind boyfriend) had gathered together to join me on an exclusive “degustation” of the Tiffany Atlas Collection. We contemplated the collection, tried practically everything on, aaawed & ooohed and made some very long mental wish lists. The sparkling diamonds made us dream of Mr Prince charming, but there were truckloads of other goodies that inspired to just treat ourselves as a lady… just because we deserve it for all our daily hard work, because a lovely piece of jewelry is an investment for life and because you have to spoil yourself every once in a while, no?

To everybody’s delight the Tiffany's Atlas collection turned out to be created for every single budget (prices range from 100 euro on), which is great, as now the very desirable Tiffany & Co and their beloved light blue boxes have become accessible to every single girl

Many thanks for the pics ladies:





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