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Kiriloving Isabel Marant pour H&M

Door Tiany op 24.10.2013

While you’re reading this I’m probably raising my 1st glass of champagne for the evening in Paris - sorry for that - celebrating the again very much awaited worldwide launch of Isabel Marant’s collection for H&M.

2 weeks ago a big box (or 5) containing the entire collection of IM for H&M arrived at our HQ’s and we pretty much went fashion ballistic… I promise you that the results of that total Isabel Marant madness will soon be visible on this site, but for now I’d like to focus on 1 of my favorite pieces of the collection, besides the sweatshirts, the black blazer, the flowery printed dress and a the cozy knitted cardigans. 

Enter the to-die-for beaded and embroidered quilted jacket, 1 of the most iconic pieces ever made by Isabel Marant. It was love at first sight and this little cute exemplar is to me a perfect echo of Marant’s Parisian cool & chic aesthetic. I paired it with 1 of the typical Marant little flirty satin skirts. Perhaps not my typical type of attire, but in my humble opinion just the ideal outfit to illustrate the spirit of the collection.


The entire collection is pure Marant perfection translated to H&M prices. Fabrics are great, the styles will not disappoint you and the abundance of items is mind-boggling. This collection should come with a warning, as it is most likely to make you a very greedy person. I myself experienced the urge to add the entire men’s collection to my wish list and I can honestly already see myself trying to squeeze my booty into the IM teenager pants, skirts and sweaters! 

The collection drops in stores on Thursday, November 14… I predict a riot so start exercising your “lucha libre” techniques as you’ll probably be needing them.   

Please do also keep an eye on Belmodo, as we will soon be celebrating our 5th birthday and therefore have a major surprise coming up for you … enough said, time to drink champagne and dance on the tables. 


-Isabel Marant pour H&M T-shirt, skirt and jacket

-Maliparmi necklace

-Balenciaga shoes

Pictures by Bram Laebens.

Hair & make-up by Kim Theylaert for Guerlain.

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